Avo For Breakfast

I think I'm love !!!

Over the next few weeks I will be trying my best to be healthier. The thing is, I am TERRIBLE when it comes to breakfast! I am definitely one of those people that can eat anything in the morning or I'll skip breakfast and be starving by lunch. I have been thinking about blogging about my weight loss journey for a while so this may be good start.

This morning I made a very quick 'Avocado On Toast' for breakfast and I loved it. I will be trying out things that I normally dislike (I'm a very picky eater) and will be putting my on spin on it.

Want to know how I made my 'Avo On Toast' ?

1. Crushed one avocado in a bowl

2. Add a little olive oil, lime, black pepper and a tiny bit of all purpose seasoning
3. Toast one slice of brown bread
4. Put one slice of turkey ham on the toast
5. Spread the avocado mix on top on the toast
6. Eat that bad boy !