Friday, 20 November 2015


Hey Guys,

On Friday 13th November 2015 I had a Bilateral Breast Reduction. I am so happy with the result and I could not be any happier !!

Before I go into further detail about MY EXPERIENCE, I would like to point out that my breasts were seriously affecting my health and I was not happy. My breasts were hugeeee, 34GG to be precise and I absolutely HATED them. 

 My surgery was done by NHS which meant that I did not have to pay anything (THANK GOD). Overall the process took a lengthy two years, YES TWO YEARS! My application for surgery on the NHS was declined twice and I almost lost hope after a year and a half of applying for funding.  

 I had been suffering with; neck, shoulder and back pain. It became incredibly hard to function properly with these watermelons on my chest. Exercising was really hard because my breasts would make my back hurt so bad and as a result I started gaining weight very quickly. 

My doctor suggested physiotherapy to improve my posture but that did not help with the pain. After a few months I applied again and surprisingly they said YES. BEST NEWS EVER! I cried like a damn baby haha. 

I met my surgeon a week prior to surgery and we discussed the procedure she would be doing which was the Anchor type. We also discussed what size I'd like to go down to, risks of the operation, what type of bra's I needed post op and everything I needed to know to prepare myself for the big day. 

A few days before surgery I had a pre- assessment appointment booked for bloods and swabs etc. This is when it all got real! I literally could not believe that I was finally going through with it.

I can honestly say I was not scared about the pain or scarring, I just wanted it DONE. I got to the hospital at 7.30 am on the day of my surgery and my Op was at 1.30 pm. My surgery went very well and when I woke up I literally felt a stone lighter no joke. I didn't have much pain and was pretty much drugged up on pain meds. 

I had to stay in the hospital overnight but I didn't mind because I shared a really big room with only one other girl. I basically spent the night taking pictures and sending them to my friends lol. The next morning I was given some medication to take home and the doctor showed me how to change my plasters if I needed to and I was discharged. 

I'm now one week post Op and the pain has honestly been bearable with my medication. (Everyone heals differently) Another bonus is that I have lost 6.5 kg and I have basically been in bed all week ** FLIPS WEAVE**. My new boobs are probably a C/D right now and they look amazing.  I have a post Op appointment with my surgeon in a few days to check everything is healing well and I will be giving her a fat hug for her amazing work. 

To be honest before the surgery I did not care how they would look as long as they were smaller but they look so good and I still have sensation in both nipples. Hopefully my experience will encourage other women that are also struggling with the same problem to speak to their doctors or local GP and start their own journeys or get alternative help.

I would definitely advise anyone getting a breast reduction to go with someone as it is quite a big operation and there's a lot you will not be able to do for example drive or lift anything heavy. My mum was by my side the whole time and I'm so grateful for her support. I also cannot stress how nice and helpful everyone at Charing Cross hospital was, Thanks guys :)

I hope this post was helpful and I will give you guys a booby update in a few weeks. If you have any questions please comment or email me privately I would be more than happy to help.

Speak soon 

Zina Tara xxxx


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